Can My Pets Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Matthews, NC?

We know that people in Matthews, NC, love their pets. Unfortunately, having an animal in your house can have a negative effect on your indoor air quality. Pet dander, hair and other impurities are part of living with an animal companion.

Pet Dander and Allergies

When someone says they’re allergic to a pet, they’re typically talking about an allergic reaction to its dander. Dander particles are small pieces of dead skin that all animals shed. If you have a pet in the house, you also have dander in your air.

Dander is small and light. It can float around along with other household dust particles. When sensitive people inhale specks of dander, they will start having allergic symptoms.

The most frequent symptoms are similar to a common cold. Allergy sufferers may have a runny nose, scratchy throat and cough as their immune system reacts to the foreign substance. If these symptoms disappear when you’re away from the animal for a few days, consider installing an air purifier.

Problems With Pet Hair

People with dogs or cats may feel like they’re constantly sweeping and vacuuming hair. The clumps of hair that accumulate under the couch keep coming back.

In terms of air quality, hair can also clog the filters of your home comfort systems. It’ll also gather in your ducts where it provides a favorable environment for dust mites, another potential allergen. If you have pets, you may want our team members to give extra attention to these areas.

Magnets for Outdoor Irritants

All dogs and many cats spend time outdoors every day. On days with high pollen levels, they will track in pollen grains on their coats. These grains can transfer to the floor and other surfaces where your pet gets comfortable.

Any increase in the amount of pollen in your home can trigger allergies in your family members. As your pet goes in and out during the day, it becomes an unintentional source of indoor air impurities.

We can help you improve the atmosphere of your Matthews, NC, home. Contact Caryl Mechanicals Heating & Cooling today to learn more about how we can help with indoor air quality solutions.

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