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How to Protect Your HVAC Warranty in Matthews, NC

October 17, 2020

An HVAC warranty comes in handy when you want to repair or replace a failing HVAC unit in Matthews, NC. However, there are situations in which your HVAC company might render the warranty useless when you need it. Read on to learn how to protect and keep your HVAC warranty intact.

Register the Warranty

Immediately after purchasing a warranty package from an HVAC company in Matthews, NC, you should register it. It’s mandatory to provide details such as your name and address to the company issuing the warranty since this will provide proof of purchase. Some companies require that you register the warranty within a certain number of days.

Arrange for Proper Installation and Repairs

You should always leave HVAC installations and repairs to the professionals. Most companies will void your warranty if they notice you have been trying DIY.

These HVAC companies require that you hire licensed contractors to service your system. Always work with a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC contractor. Otherwise, improper installation or repairs could void your warranty.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

You should always schedule maintenance services for your equipment at the beginning of summer or winter. HVAC maintenance allows contractors to make sure your systems are running smoothly and correct any underlying issues.

Maintenance services also help to reduce unnecessary repair or replacement costs while keeping your warranty in force. HVAC companies will void your warranty if they notice that you haven’t been keeping up with annual maintenance or hiring professionals to do it.

Only Use Approved Replacement Parts

HVAC warranties only cover significant parts of your HVAC system. You’ll need to pay for minor parts such as the air filter and fan. However, the warranty will specify the parts you should use to replace them.

Check your warranty coverage to know which parts are acceptable to the HVAC manufacturer and which ones your warranty will cover. Using the wrong parts on your HVAC unit will void your warranty, and you’ll end up spending your own money for replacement parts.

If you live in Matthews, NC, and want professional HVAC services, contact us at Caryl Mechanicals Heating & Cooling. Our EPA- and NATE-certified comfort advisers are ready to help with all your heating and cooling needs, including 24/7 emergency service.

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