5 Furnace Noises You Can’t Ignore in Your Matthews, NC, Home

The last thing you want to experience during a cold winter night in Matthews, NC, is a broken furnace. To determine whether you need professional repairs, it’s important to learn which sounds to pay attention to that indicate your furnace is failing. Here are five furnace noises you can’t ignore:


If a delay in the ignition process has occurred, the resulting gas buildup might cause you to hear a booming sound coming from the HVAC system. Another cause for booming noises is when a blockage exists at the burner assembly. A blockage could be due to a disconnected or broken ignition assembly.

A third reason is when carbon particles build up and cause booming sounds when the furnace lights. Call a professional service technician when this happens to find out whether the ignition needs replacement or the furnace requires a different heating repair job.


Clicking noises reveal the possibility for furnace failure. The following issues might cause your furnace to produce clicking sounds:

  • Loose inducer.
  • Worn motor bearings.
  • Issues with gas valves.


Your furnace might have a faulty belt or broken fan motor if you start hearing high-pitched squealing or squeaking sounds. Another cause could be a misaligned blower motor. You’ll hear squealing as the blower motor scrapes against the blower housing.


You might need a furnace replacement if you’re hearing loud rattling sounds consistently. The clips and weights that help the blower wheels function properly must have correct balance to work efficiently. The furnace will begin to rattle when those weights become imbalanced.

Loose screws or dirt accumulation inside various furnace parts also cause rattling noises. Get your furnace maintained regularly so that your service technician can eliminate excess dirt buildup and tighten loose screws.


Chirping sometimes happens when starting the furnace after the long summertime inactivity. It should go away as the equipment gears up for the winter. If the chirping persists, it might stem from:

  • Failing fan belts.
  • Warped mounting plates.
  • Loose motor mounts.

Are you hearing one or more of these furnace noises? Contact Caryl Mechanicals Heating & Cooling so that we can get your next repair or maintenance appointment scheduled.

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