What’s Home Automation Zoning and Its Benefits in Monroe, NC?

Heating and cooling accounts for the majority of the energy bills in your Monroe, NC, home. However, through home automation zoning, you can notice a significant change for the better in energy efficiency. Read on to learn how home automation zoning works and how it can benefit you in your home.

What’s Home Automation Zoning?

Unlike antiquated systems, HVAC zoning systems heat and cool different rooms in your home separately. Thus, each member of the household receives personalized comfort, which eliminates fights over the thermostat setting.

Home automation uses innovative technologies like smart thermostats. Through such devices, you can monitor and remotely control your zoning system.

You can schedule temperature adjustments at your home when you’re away and adjust the temperatures of specific rooms from your smartphone. It offers homeowners these six advantages:

Greater Efficiency

Once your heating and cooling costs account for more than half of your energy expenses, it’s a good idea to look for more efficient options. Through home automation zoning, you’ll conserve energy since the heating and cooling processes are automated. Thus, you’ll get higher efficiency and reduced heating and cooling costs.

Without your air conditioner working overtime, your home can still feel comfortable. There’s an added advantage: Your HVAC equipment will last longer.

Improved Comfort and Control

Create a comfortable indoor environment in your home with home automation zoning. A smart thermostat gives you control over your indoor temperatures. Its design allows you to adjust your indoor environment temperature through Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktops.

The smart thermostat is fitted with small sensors that detect motion when people are in a room. It then makes the necessary temperature adjustments.

Energy- and Money-Saving Opportunities

If your home isn’t zoned, the HVAC system continuously runs to ensure that the whole house is at a constant temperature. The energy consumption costs of your home are usually through the roof since you need to be comfortable. HVAC zoning systems ensure that you conserve energy by means of automatic heating and cooling.

By scheduling your thermostat to reduce or increase temperatures when you’re away from home, you can save up to 15% in heating and cooling expenses. Installing other zoning systems will increase these savings. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

Convenient Heating and Cooling

The zoning systems have been created with innovative technologies that allow them to learn your home’s heating and cooling needs over time. Through the home automation zoning system, you can create a schedule to adjust the temperature of the room when it’s either occupied or unoccupied.

Create a schedule that will increase cooling when you and your family are in the living room. Then decrease the air conditioning there, and send additional cooling to the bedrooms for a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Platform Interconnectivity

Whether it’s your thermostat, lighting or security system, linking different products across your home can save time, money and energy. There’s peace of mind knowing that the systems are always in communication with each other.

Home automation zoning allows for user customization. You can match products to suit your preferences. A smart thermostat can modify the temperatures in your home according to the amount of sunlight a specific area gets.

Remote Control

You can remotely adjust your wireless thermostat from the streets in your town, in another state or even when you’re outside the country. A handy app is all you require to control the temperatures of your home from your phone or laptop. When you’re working late, you can update the settings and still return home to perfect indoor temperatures.

Technology can improve your quality of life. Why not take advantage of it and get a home automation zone system installed in your home? Call Caryl Mechanicals Heating & Cooling. We can help you plan the best HVAC solutions for your home.

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