Everything to Know About Picking the Right Heating System

A heating system has a dramatic impact on a home’s comfort and energy costs. Selecting the right one requires understanding of the different types. What follows is helpful information you need to know about picking the right heating system for your Monroe, NC, home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps transfer air through electricity. They operate quietly, and in warm periods, you can use them as air conditioners. The versatility makes heat pumps a solid option.

Heat pumps work best in southeastern climates or any area with mild winters. Heat pumps move heat rather than generate it and deliver more energy than they consume.

Air source heat pumps use outdoor heat in the winter. Compared to combustible systems, heat pumps need less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Using underground piping, geothermal heat pumps collect thermal energy from the soil. The heat flows through your ductwork. With piping underground, it’s protected from the weather and debris.

If you’re concerned about keeping bills down, a geothermal system promises low electricity demand throughout the year. You’ll also see lower operating costs. These systems use renewable energy, making the system safer than flammable options.

Projected energy savings can exceed the cost of the installation. Combine this with government tax credits, and you’ll likely see an ample return on the investment.

Gas Furnaces

A traditional gas furnace heats quickly due to a high-temp combustion air blower. Gas furnaces tend to be less expensive to manage due to lower fuel costs.

These devices can be conventional or condensing. The former burns gas via heat exchange. Condensers use a secondary exchanger to collect excess heat vapor for better energy consumption.

The latest technology promises great efficiency, lowering heating bills significantly. Gas furnaces use filters that keep the particles in the outdoor air outside, leaving air free of harmful allergens. Quality devices can better regulate temperatures to all areas of the house and keep your home comfortable.

Oil Furnaces

Furnaces that burn oil are either boiler or forced-air systems. While consuming less energy, an oil furnace produces more heat than a natural gas furnace. Maintained properly, the system will last upwards of two decades.

Oil is a dependable resource. You’re able to manage your supply, choosing how to use and conserve it. By working with automatic deliveries, you minimize the risk of ever running out of oil to heat your Monroe, NC, home.

Ductless Systems

Give yourself greater control of cooling and heating system operation with a ductless system. Ductless systems let you zone heating to specific areas and rooms. Management of heat distribution also contributes to lowering utility bills.

Ductless heating systems have a multi-stage filtration function. This promises to noticeably reduce bacteria, dust, pollen, allergens and more unwanted particulates. These systems use a refrigerant with a near-zero ozone depletion rate.

A ductless system has inverter technology with variable speed compressors. This allows a continuous match load of cooling or heating. The system’s main components are a remote control, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.


Boilers are responsible for distributing hot water or steam throughout pipes to help heat the house. Fuel options include liquid propane, natural gas, oil and electricity. The type of radiators in the home will be the first step in deciding what’s best for your home comfort.

Boilers heat water, which is a more efficient thermal conductor than air. Boilers use radiant heat that stays near the floor.

You can enhance a boiler’s efficiency if you set fans spinning clockwise to blow rising heat. You can also use programmable thermostats to manage temperatures throughout the year. Boilers save homeowners up to 10% annually on heating bills.

Climate control is essential to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home throughout the year. If you want to choose the right heating system for your home, call Caryl Mechanicals Heating & Cooling today. We’ll help you narrow down your options and select the best fit for your budget and needs.

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